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Mr. Rashid

We are very excited about our increased sales on the internet. This is due to the great website that Twins Web Services has developed and designed for us. We get comments every day how great our website looks. Even better is the increase in traffic and sales at our website. The sales on the website has added to our gross sales at our shop in Salt Lake without increasing our overhead. The cost of design and set up is well worth it as is the monthly fee for service and search engine. We look forward to increasing our nationwide customers and sales next year." Mr. Rashid Amna-G-Daminai Shop.

Main Tanveer Faisalabad

"Thank you to your entire team for a very fine job on our new website, . We have had

very positive response from friends and family that we have shown it to. Words like "professional looking", "easy to read", "wow, he is credentialed", "excellent viewing" and so on have come to us. Thank you for our great new look. We are anxious now to help you market it." Main Tanveer Faisalabad.


Twinssoft Services has been wonderful to work with. I really believe they were working on our site even before we finalized our agreement. I felt like DeBry was their only client. Steve, the CEO, guided us through the process of redesigning our site. I know very little about what it takes to make a website great, but it was clear from day one we were in good hands. Steve walks you through the process in layman’s terms. He is never intimidating. He constantly praised me for my input and made me feel part of the process. On the day we made our presentation to the staff, we were applauded for our efforts. Steve continues to provide suggestions on how to market the site and has e-mailed stats several times. Work on the site is ongoing. Edits to our site are made within minutes or within the hour. We are so excited to have our beautiful new website. The look is fantastic, it’s informative and it is very easy to navigate. Steve and Shaun, their chief engineer are quite a team. I invite you to visit our great new website: www.robertdebry.com. If you have been injured, then we certainly invite you to visit it!"Linda Korb, Office Manager
Robert J. DeBry & Associates

Ron Lydick

I want to thank all of the staff at Utah Web Services for their help and expertise in how they've helped my company, Marathon Services, Inc. Coming from an individual like myself, who knows absolutely nothing about how the Internet really works, the changing of a web hosting company can be a nightmare. And having our site down for almost a week (the fault of the old host) only added to my anxiety. But the professionals at Utah Web Services not only helped me from beginning to end with the change over, they also helped me increase our web site traffic almost 300%. I would highly recommend Utah Web Services if your company is interested in improving its sales and marketing efforts on the web. " Ron Lydick, President
Marathon Services, Inc.